MagicalPad HD Sale

For 2 days, MagicalPad HD is having a sale. For 99¢, you can own an incredible whiteboard, outlining, mind mapping tool. This app can help you organize your thoughts, ideas, projects, plans, homework and more. This app can be used for school, business or personal projects. Just pull out your iPad, then dump your thoughtsContinue reading “MagicalPad HD Sale”

MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released

MagicalPad for iPad has been radically updated to version 3.0 and is now free. There are in app purchases to add additional features like unlimited notebooks, mind mapping and certain sharing features. This freeform organizer is a great way to brainstorm. You can create lists, mind maps, draw, add photos and organize information on aContinue reading “MagicalPad 3 for iPad Released”

OmniOutliner 1.5 Major Update

    OmniOutliner for iPad v1.5 is a major update that adds automatic document syncing through OmniPresence. (This release requires iOS 6.) This app is an outlining app like no other for your iPad. If you have a need to outline thoughts, ideas, arguments, papers, notes and more, you should look at this app. With thisContinue reading “OmniOutliner 1.5 Major Update”

Outline+ OneNote Notebooks for iPad

If you have been looking for a way to read and edit OneNote documents on your iPad, you need to get Outline+. This app allows you to “quickly capture new ideas, build a concept map, create to-do lists and search all your content and sync it with OneNote via Dropbox secure cloud or iTunes.” ThereContinue reading “Outline+ OneNote Notebooks for iPad”

MagicalPad Free Black Friday

If you are looking for a unique outliner, mind mapping, whiteboard, or organizational tool, try MagicalPad. For Black Friday, it’s free. The developer describes features as follows: STRUCTURED Focus project planning using structured lists to quickly capture and organize stakeholder input, prioritize goals and actions. Optimize your most valuable resources. Take advantage of unlimited lists/outlines onContinue reading “MagicalPad Free Black Friday”