Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down

Paper by FiftyThree is a universal iOS app that allows you quickly draw, note, list and capture your thoughts and inspirations on the go. The app allows you to create diagrams as easily as lists. To create shapes, tap the squiggly line to draw. Then, tap on the ruler icon. Now, when you draw aContinue reading “Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down”


Apps Being Updated for iPad Pro

With the official launch of the iPad Pro, many apps are in the process of¬†updated to take advantage of the new iPad Pro screen real estate and new features of iOS 9. Some of the more interesting apps that have been updated include Paper. This app allows you to draw, sketch, make lists, and more.Continue reading “Apps Being Updated for iPad Pro”

Paper Update Makes Diagraming Easy

Paper by FiftyThree is a great drawing app that just got better. Now, you can easily create flow diagrams, org charts, axis lines and wireframes. After you select the “smart pen” tool, when you hand draw a shape, Paper turns it into a geometric shape that you can tap and move. The “Think Kit” toolsContinue reading “Paper Update Makes Diagraming Easy”

Paper by FiftyThree – Tools Now Free

Paper is a drawing app that is easy and fun to use. Jot down an idea, sketch a drawing or paint something magical. The app is intuitive and easy. The latest version now offers the benefit of having all of the various tools, paint brush, pen, pencil, etc. for free. Previously, these were in appContinue reading “Paper by FiftyThree – Tools Now Free”

Get Your Ideas Down – Paper by Fifty Three Updated

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to jot down an idea, image or piece of art work, Paper by Fifty Three is an app worth getting…and it’s Free.   The update includes the following fixes: Color Picker Sample colors from the canvas and save them to your palette. Swap Background ColorsContinue reading “Get Your Ideas Down – Paper by Fifty Three Updated”

Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware

If you bought the digital stylus Pencil to work with the Paper App by 53, you may not know that it is possible to run a firmware update for the Pencil. The latest firmware update is supposed to provide automatic reconnect support and bug fixes. You can learn more about the process of performing theContinue reading “Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware”

Paper by Fifty Three Update

For the creative part of you interested in drawing out an idea, scene or picture, consider Paper by FiftyThree. This uniquely intuitive app allows you to capture and share ideas using various tools and colors. With several books suggesting that doodling and drawing out your ideas are good ways to improve your persuasive and thinkingContinue reading “Paper by Fifty Three Update”

Paper Introduces Pencil (Stylus)

Paper, the app that lets you create, paint, draw, and write, introduces a new kind of stylus. It connects to all iPads with a Retina display and iPad mini only. It Does not connect to iPad 2. After syncing with paper, on one end you can draw, the other let’s you erase. The bluetooth deviceContinue reading “Paper Introduces Pencil (Stylus)”