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Paper Allows You to Get Ideas Down

Paper 3 icon

Paper by FiftyThree is a universal iOS app that allows you quickly draw, note, list and capture your thoughts and inspirations on the go.

The app allows you to create diagrams as easily as lists. To create shapes, tap the squiggly line to draw. Then, tap on the ruler icon. Now, when you draw a shape, the app completes it in a prettier way. To connect the shapes, draw a line between them.

Paper Diagram Screen Shot

If you are not familiar with the app or have not used it in a while, tap on the bell icon to see the various tips on how to use the app. (If you don’t see the bell icon tap the little 3 bars on the top left to expose the bell.) Then, scroll through the tips related to navigating, the grid to organize your papers, the text swipe motion and all about the drawing canvas.

Paper Tips Screen Shot

The “ink” feels and looks like it come from an ink pen.

Check out the developer’s website and watch the video above of the app in action.

Once you start playing around with Paper to capture your ideas app, you will have a great tool at your disposal to build and share your ideas.

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Apps Being Updated for iPad Pro

Paper 3 icon

With the official launch of the iPad Pro, many apps are in the process of updated to take advantage of the new iPad Pro screen real estate and new features of iOS 9.

Some of the more interesting apps that have been updated include Paper.

Paper pencilsketch

This app allows you to draw, sketch, make lists, and more. Their ink engine has been updated to take advantage of Apple’s new Pencil stylus too.


OmniPlan 2 icon

If you want to visualize, maintain and monitor your projects, consider OmniPlan 2 by OmniGroup. The latest update to the app supports the new iPad.

You can watch some videos about the app in use from OmniGroup’s website.

OmniPlan 3 for the Mac was recently introduced. It brings many new features to the already outstanding planning app including a multi-project dashboard, network diagrams, earned value analysis and more

Make sure you update your apps via the App Store to take advantage of all of the new iPad Pro features.



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Paper Update

Paper 3 icon

With the latest update, Paper is now free for both the iPad and iPhone. The update now lets you take notes, capture images and sketch.

This amazingly intuitive app allows you to get your ideas down and organized in notebooks which you can share.

The features include:

Swipe-to-style notes
Swipe on text to quickly create and rearrange checklists and headers. The fastest way to capture notes.

Photo Spotlighting
Tap on photos to instantly spotlight a detail, or draw custom areas. Write notes and draw on photos.

Paper Screenshot tools
Powerful tools
All of Paper’s world-class tools to draw, sketch, annotate photos, and quickly create diagrams.

Fresh perspective
Organize and make connections between your ideas in Paper’s beautiful, visual home.

Communicate clearly
Paper creates beautiful PDFs, Keynote and Powerpoint files to share your ideas.

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Paper Update Makes Diagraming Easy

Paper icon2

Paper by FiftyThree is a great drawing app that just got better. Now, you can easily create flow diagrams, org charts, axis lines and wireframes. After you select the “smart pen” tool, when you hand draw a shape, Paper turns it into a geometric shape that you can tap and move.

Paper Screenshot Diagram

The “Think Kit” tools live just to the left of the tools you have been using to draw and paint. The think kit toolset is free in this version of Paper.

Also, Paper can now share with your favorite presentation apps like Powerpoint and Keynote as well as save to Dropbox and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Paper Image

If you are looking for a great app to sketch or draw ideas, check out Paper.

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Paper by FiftyThree – Tools Now Free

Paper icon2

Paper is a drawing app that is easy and fun to use. Jot down an idea, sketch a drawing or paint something magical. The app is intuitive and easy.

Paper Image

The latest version now offers the benefit of having all of the various tools, paint brush, pen, pencil, etc. for free. Previously, these were in app purchases.

Do yourself a favor and download this app to start getting down your ideas quickly and easily.

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Get Your Ideas Down – Paper by Fifty Three Updated

Paper icon2

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to jot down an idea, image or piece of art work, Paper by Fifty Three is an app worth getting…and it’s Free.


The update includes the following fixes:

Color Picker
Sample colors from the canvas and save them to your palette.

Paper Image

Swap Background Colors
Drop a color on to the canvas and swap out background colors without losing your drawing.

Global Search
Find and follow anyone on Mix by name or email.

Connect with Friends
Easily add friends from Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and your contacts list on Mix.


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Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware

Paper icon2

If you bought the digital stylus Pencil to work with the Paper App by 53, you may not know that it is possible to run a firmware update for the Pencil. The latest firmware update is supposed to provide automatic reconnect support and bug fixes.

Pencil Stylus

You can learn more about the process of performing the firmware update from Fifty Three.

To see which firmware version you are running, open the Paper app and tap on the 53 icon on the top right. Towards the bottom, you will see Paper 1.x.x. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Paper app 1.6.3 or newer. (The developer is awaiting Apple to post that version to the Apple Store so you may not be able to run the latest update yet.)

If you have version 1.6.3 or newer, make sure your Pencil is fully charged by plugging it into the USB to fully charge. Then, open the Paper app, tap on the 53 icon, select Pencil and connect it if it is not connected.


The developer describes the steps to upgrade the firmware are as follows:

Download the free Paper app, which you can find here or by searching the App Store for “Paper by FiftyThree.” You will need Paper version 1.6.3 or newer and currently (July 25) the developer is waiting for Apple to post this version to the App Store.

Open the Paper app and then tap the FiftyThree logo in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap “Pencil” to open the Pencil settings menu. Some supported third party apps will show you an “Upgrade Firmware” dialog and take you to this menu automatically. The option to upgrade your Pencil firmware is in this menu and can be seen in the image below.

Most updates will take less than 10 minutes. Very important! Make sure not to close the Paper app or turn your iPad off while the update is happening. You should also keep your Pencil close to your iPad.

To learn more about the Paper app and Pencil stylus, watch the video below.