Paper by FiftyThree – Tools Now Free

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Paper is a drawing app that is easy and fun to use. Jot down an idea, sketch a drawing or paint something magical. The app is intuitive and easy.

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The latest version now offers the benefit of having all of the various tools, paint brush, pen, pencil, etc. for free. Previously, these were in app purchases.

Do yourself a favor and download this app to start getting down your ideas quickly and easily.

Get Your Ideas Down – Paper by Fifty Three Updated

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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to jot down an idea, image or piece of art work, Paper by Fifty Three is an app worth getting…and it’s Free.


The update includes the following fixes:

Color Picker
Sample colors from the canvas and save them to your palette.

Paper Image

Swap Background Colors
Drop a color on to the canvas and swap out background colors without losing your drawing.

Global Search
Find and follow anyone on Mix by name or email.

Connect with Friends
Easily add friends from Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and your contacts list on Mix.


Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware

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If you bought the digital stylus Pencil to work with the Paper App by 53, you may not know that it is possible to run a firmware update for the Pencil. The latest firmware update is supposed to provide automatic reconnect support and bug fixes.

Pencil Stylus

You can learn more about the process of performing the firmware update from Fifty Three.

To see which firmware version you are running, open the Paper app and tap on the 53 icon on the top right. Towards the bottom, you will see Paper 1.x.x. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Paper app 1.6.3 or newer. (The developer is awaiting Apple to post that version to the Apple Store so you may not be able to run the latest update yet.)

If you have version 1.6.3 or newer, make sure your Pencil is fully charged by plugging it into the USB to fully charge. Then, open the Paper app, tap on the 53 icon, select Pencil and connect it if it is not connected.


The developer describes the steps to upgrade the firmware are as follows:

Download the free Paper app, which you can find here or by searching the App Store for “Paper by FiftyThree.” You will need Paper version 1.6.3 or newer and currently (July 25) the developer is waiting for Apple to post this version to the App Store.

Open the Paper app and then tap the FiftyThree logo in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap “Pencil” to open the Pencil settings menu. Some supported third party apps will show you an “Upgrade Firmware” dialog and take you to this menu automatically. The option to upgrade your Pencil firmware is in this menu and can be seen in the image below.

Most updates will take less than 10 minutes. Very important! Make sure not to close the Paper app or turn your iPad off while the update is happening. You should also keep your Pencil close to your iPad.

To learn more about the Paper app and Pencil stylus, watch the video below.


Paper by Fifty Three Update

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For the creative part of you interested in drawing out an idea, scene or picture, consider Paper by FiftyThree.

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This uniquely intuitive app allows you to capture and share ideas using various tools and colors.

With several books suggesting that doodling and drawing out your ideas are good ways to improve your persuasive and thinking skills, this app is a good place to start.

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Of course, you can also by a “Pencil” to allow you to interact with the app in some fun ways like smudging and erasing. The pencil is not required but feels natural to use.

If you are interested in some books on drawing out ideas, check out:

The Back of the Napkin:Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures.


Drawing Ideas: A hand-drawin approach to better design

The Doodle Revolution: Unlock the Power to Think Differently

Paper Introduces Pencil (Stylus)

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Paper, the app that lets you create, paint, draw, and write, introduces a new kind of stylus. It connects to all iPads with a Retina display and iPad mini only. It Does not connect to iPad 2.

After syncing with paper, on one end you can draw, the other let’s you erase.

The bluetooth device comes in Graphite Brushed Aluminum or Walnut. The rechargeable battery is supposed to last about 1 month and charges in any standard USB port. The pairing takes place when you press the device to the screen while using Paper.

Walnut currently costs $59.95 and Graphite is $49.95. You can learn more about Pencil here.

You can learn more about Paper from the video below.

Paper Updated

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Paper is a free app for jotting, drawing, painting, creating ideas in a journal like form. This is a great app for a back of the napkin kind of idea.

There are several in app purchases for different kinds of brushes, inks, water color like effects, etc. However, the basic app may get you so hooked you won’t mind splurging for the few extra dollars to get the wide variety of pens, brushes, and inks.

New in Paper 1.3.1

• MADE WITH PAPER—Find inspiration in this feed of fresh ideas from creative minds around the world.
• ZOOM—Get closer to your ideas. Pinch to bring up zoom without losing your place.
• INK UPGRADE―Our Expressive Ink Engine™ is now built on OpenGL for faster rendering.

You can watch the app in action below.

Paper App by Fifty Three

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Recently, Fiftythree released Paper for the iPad. This “creative” capture app consists of 5 parts. Each part allows you to perform a different function. You can sketch, write, draw, outline and color. The first “included” piece is Draw. You can purchases additional “tools” with an in-app purchase.

The company promotes the app as a way to quickly capture ideas in a familiar journal like format. The tools and choices of colors are intentionally limited to allow you to focus on getting an idea down. The app is not supposed to be a full fledge drawing or painting app.

iPad Screenshot 3

If that is what you are looking for, you will not be satisfied. Some have complained that the various in-app purchases to increase the tools available to you are not worth the price. However, the smooth drawing and feel of the app certainly warrant downloading the free version to try it out.

iPad Screenshot 4

The interface is fun and allows for some unique interactions. You can squeeze to close your journal or flip to a page in a journal in a graphically pleasing way.

If you are the kind of person who likes to jot down ideas on a napkin or sketch out a rough idea for a presentation, this app is worth downloading and trying.


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