iCloud Security

In light of recent events of apparent theft of celebrity photos from iCloud accounts, Apple has issued a media advisory┬áthat appears below. In short, Apple says it was not a breach of its system but rather an attack on targeted user names and passwords. Apple’s advice, use strong passwords and enable 2-step verification. Also, considerContinue reading “iCloud Security”


1Password Update

AgileBits’ 1Password – Password Manager and Secure Wallet has been updated to version 4.3.2. This app has the ability to remember, generate and securely store passwords, credit card information and more. With the built in browser, you can have the app fill in your username and password automagically. There is also a strong password generatorContinue reading “1Password Update”

Updates for 1Password and Adobe Ideas

1Password is an app that does more than store and create strong passwords, it also can automatically enter your user name and password into the web page you visit. You can sync your database of passwords, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. between devices as well. Version 4.2 added or improved the following: 1Browser * AddedContinue reading “Updates for 1Password and Adobe Ideas”

Evernote Password Breach?

Evernote issued a service-wide password reset today because it discovered suspicious activity on its network. You can read the entire notice below. Basically, to protect your account, create a new password and enter it on all the devices and apps you use to access Evernote. The complete security notice appears below: “Evernote’s Operations & SecurityContinue reading “Evernote Password Breach?”

PasswordWallet – Password Manager Free today

Today, PasswordWallet is being offered for free. It is a universal app that will run on on iPhone as well as iPad. If you need a place to keep passwords for various internet accounts, you can store all your passwords in this one app for easy access. The developer describes the app as follows: TheContinue reading “PasswordWallet – Password Manager Free today”

How to Lock Your iPad with a Passcode

If your iPad was misplaced, lost or stolen, would you want your information (email account, notes, photos, contacts, etc.) in someone else’s hands? If not, you should make sure your iPad is locked – not physically, but with the built in Passcode Lock. The feature requires a passcode to be entered when you first turnContinue reading “How to Lock Your iPad with a Passcode”

FBI to Investigate Gmail Attacks

Now is a good time to change your password for your GMail account (and others as well). According to the New York Times, the FBI is to investigate allegations by Google that China was the origin of clandestine attacks on its Gmail service. Apparently, attempts were made to steal passwords and monitor email of severalContinue reading “FBI to Investigate Gmail Attacks”