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iAnnotate 4.3 Adds Two Document View

One of my favorite apps for viewing and marking up PDFs iAnnotate has added a new feature with the latest update.

Now, you can view and mark up two PDFs side by side.

To invoke the function, open two PDFs. Each will have its own tab. Tap and hold on one of the tabs. One of the options will be “Two Document View.” Tap on that and the screen will split each PDF into its own half size view.

To exit this mode, tap on one of the tabs and tap on Exit Two Document View.

This feature allows you to view and independently mark up PDFs side by side.


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Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS has been updated with various bug fixes. This impressive PDF app allows you not only to access PDFs stored in Adobe’s Document Cloud but PDFs stored on iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and OS X Server. Accessing these PDFs in various locations give you tremendous flexibility in storing and updating PDFs.

The commenting feature is very robust and allows you to mark up your PDFs with notes, highlighter, text underline and mark through as well as adding text, the ink tool and create a signature. After you highlight, you can tap on the highlighted portion and choose to clear it, choose various colors, modify the opacity and adjust the portion that is highlighted in case you did not select enough or selected too little.

The various tools are located to the left.

Also, with the iOS camera, you can created PDFs by “scanning” them into Adobe Acrobat.

If you are looking for a good PDF tool and reader, consider getting Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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LiquidText PDF Reader Improvements

LiquidText PDF Document Reader: Annotate & Excerpt app is a fun and cool way to markup and gather together annotations from one or more PDFs. The most recent improvements include:

• Improved Highlight Rendering: highlights better maintain text contrast to improve readability.


• Fixed bug that could cause a crash when scrolling with scrollbar while holding document in place with other finger.

• Fixed bug that could cause a crash when tapping a link button on an excerpt or comment while in portrait mode.

• Fixed bug that could prevent the table of Contents from displaying correctly in some circumstances.

LiquidText GIF

This productivity app is free. However, you can purchase additional functionality via an in app purchase.


► MULTIDOCUMENT USERS RECEIVE (requires one-time in-app purchase):

Work with multiple documents and webpages in a single workspace
• Pull together excerpts from different documents.
• Search across all the documents in a LiquidText workspace.
• Compare documents in parallel.
• Make comments that refer to multiple documents.

Global Keyword Search (Requires iOS 10)
• Search for keywords across all your LiquidText files.
• Search from LiquidText home screen, or from Spotlight.
• Find keywords in title or text of your documents.


• Read and interact with text in a flexible environment
• Compatible with PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents and web pages
• Import from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Box, email, and more
• Import content from webpage or send to LiquidText directly from Safari

• Workspace area for writing notes and pulling out excerpts
• Organize and group excerpts and notes
• Tap comments and excerpts to find original source
• Pinch document to compare different sections
• Collapse text to see annotated parts side-by-side
• Collapse text to view search term(s) side-by-side
• Scroll to navigate through pages
• Scrollbar shows where highlights, comments, excerpts, and search results are located

• Highlight text, images, comments, excerpts, and notes
• Add margin notes/comments to text, images, notes, and excerpts
• Comment on two or more selections simultaneously

• Export file as notes only, highlights only, notes and highlights, or entire document with annotations
• Export as LiquidText file, PDF, or DOCX (supported by most word processors)
• Send files by email or to Dropbox, iCloud, Box, and more

LiquidText allows for active highlighting of PDFs and organizing ideas from them.


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Adobe Acrobat Reader

acrobat-reader icon

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a great companion app to Adobe Acrobat for your computer. Using the subscription Adobe Document Cloud service, you can synchronize your documents between your computer and your iOS device. This allows you to make annotations, read documents and keep up with your PDFs quite easily.

The latest update includes the following:

• Enjoy improved performance with text markup tools.
• Easily fill and sign any form on your iPhone by connecting to the free Adobe Fill & Sign app from the Tool Switcher.
• Fixed crashing issue when clearing list of recent files.
• Bug fixes.

The app allows you to scan in documents, receipts, whiteboards, forms and more.

You can read and mark up PDFs without the paid subscription service.

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LiquidText PDF Reader Color Update

LiquidText PDF icon

LiquidText PDF Reader is a unique app free app that lets you read and annotate PDFs actively and visually. The latest updated improves the color palette choices available for highlighting text and commenting.

LiquidText Locate

Not only can you highlight, but, once the text is highlighted, you can press and slide the highlighted text to the side and organize your selected text pieces.

You can pay for an in-app purchase for $3.99 that will allow you to work with multiple documents simultaneously.

If you are looking for an great app to annotate and read your PDFs, check out LiquidText PDF Reader.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader for iOS

Adobe Reader icon2

Adobe for iOS has been updated. The PDF reader is a powerful app that allows you to view, annotate, edit and organize your PDF files. You can access various online storage locations like DropBox, iCloud Drive and more.

You can even open a PDF from Mail. Tap on the attachment then tap on the share icon. Choose “Copy to Adobe Acrobat Reader.” The PDF will now be available to you to read.

Navigating the Tools

On the top left of the Adobe screen, you can tap the home button to reveal various tools including Viewer, Comment, Create PDF, Edit PDF, Export PDF, and Fill & Sign.

Adobe Reader Tools

The tool used to view the PDF is the Viewer. The right hand side has a page number slider to allow you to see which page you are on. Tap and hold the number to move through the PDF pages. At the bottom are various to allow you to control the look of the PDF, comment, search, send and see bookmarks.

Adobe Tools

Tap on the tool on the bottom far left. Can set the viewing mode to continuous, single page or reading mode. The Night Mode will reverse the image to make the white black for easier night time reading.

Adobe Commenting Tools

Tap on the commenting tools button to the right of the reading tool to add comment bubbles, highlighting, cross through text, add text, pencil and create signature. To close the tools, tap on Done at the top left of the screen or Undo to undo the markup.

Tap on the magnifying glass to search for text in searchable PDFs.

Tap on the Share button to share the file, share a link, save the document, print, etc.

Tap the bottom on the far right to see the book marks, if any in the PDF.


Explore all the possibilities with Adobe’s Reader app to open, read and mark up PDFs.



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iAnnotate 4 – Improvements Galore

iAnnotate 4 icon

iAnnotate 4 is an upgraded version of the prior PDF annotation tool and viewer. This app allows you to read, annotate, and share PDFs, Office files and web pages. You can even use the app to highlight documents and insert stamps.

iAnnotate 4 All Devices

The newest version is a universal app so you can work on all of your iOS devices.

The annotation tools allow you to use the pencil, highlighter, underline, create a note, shapes and more to mark up your PDFs. You can even use pop-up comments.

If you use the iPad Pro, you can use the app in multitasking mode, use the keyboard shortcuts with an Apple keyboard and the app has auto Apple Pencil detection. The multitasking mode allows you to do things like listen to music or work with other apps side by side. If you hold down the command button on the Apple keyboard, you can see a list of keyboard shortcuts.

Iannotate screenshot toolbars

There are side toolbars that you can customize for different uses.

Webpages can be annotated by opening a web page in a tab in the app. Then, clip it to PDF and mark it up.

You can share your flattened PDFs via text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The document saves its state when you switch tabs and when you close them out you will have a chance to save the changes you have made.

Cloud support includes OneDrive for business and iCloud support too. To access the extra storage options, click on the red plus sign in the bottom right corner. Then, tap on “Add Storage.” You will be presented with several cloud services you can tap on to add. Once iAnnotate is given permission to talk with the cloud service, you should see the folder structure from that service present.

Once you open a document, you can tap on the magnifying glass icon to search for words in the PDF.

The latest update introduces Offline Access, allowing you to keep files on disk for use while you’re not connected. To use this feature:

1. Select a file or folder in one of your cloud connections
2. Choose Download for Offline Access
3. The app will save a copy that you can open anytime
4. You can close the tab to save back when you get back online.

If you are looking to mark up and read PDFs, you should enjoy using iAnnotate.