Scan to PDF Apps

Ever want to use your iPad as a PDF scanner? Try Pocket Scanner HD which is free for a limited time. Unlike some other scanner apps, this one does not appear to come with a built in OCR function and the images did not come out crisp and clean for me. However, your use may vary.Continue reading “Scan to PDF Apps”


iAnnotate Update

  iAnnotate, a powerful annotation application for the iPad was updated today to version 2.4.5. The current and prior updates include: -Support for built-in iOS dictionary (offline dictionary) -Support for higher resolution image* import and annotation -A variety of stability improvements for users of cloud storage services – Sync with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDriveContinue reading “iAnnotate Update”

Documents by Readdle 4.0 Update

ReaddleDocs has been updated to version 4.0 and is now called Documents by Readdle. Currently the app is free. It is not clear if the price will stay Free, so you may want to get it while you can. The app serves many purposes including: use as a media player, managing files, viewing and editingContinue reading “Documents by Readdle 4.0 Update”

iPad2 User Guide Available for Download

Apple, Inc. has posted the iPad2 User Guide for iOS 4.3 software. This 198 Page guide is a 16MB download. Everything from an overview of the iPad2 to a review of the included applications is covered. There are even some tips on troubleshooting. If you want to read and use the PDF guide on your iPad,Continue reading “iPad2 User Guide Available for Download”