Astropad for iPad Update

Astropad for iPad makes your iPad into a drawing tablet that works with drawing apps on your Mac. Basically, the Astropad app talks to your Mac that is running the drawing app. You see the Mac app on the iPad and can use your Apple Pencil to sketch out what you want on the Mac app. TheContinue reading “Astropad for iPad Update”


Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait

When the Apple Pencil came, there were a couple of questions, How good does it work with the iPad Pro, How long does the charge last, How can you check the charge? First, the Pencil works great with the iPad Pro. Using the built in Notes app, the ability to smoothly draw, sketch and write isContinue reading “Apple Pencil – Worth the Wait”

OneNote Supports Pencil – How to Connect

Microsoft OneNote now supports the Pencil Stylus by Fifty Three. In order to use the stylus, you have to pair it with the app. Here’s how… To use the Pencil stylus with OneNote, perform the following steps: Open OneNote on your iPad Tap on Draw Tap the Hand With Stylus icon on the far rightContinue reading “OneNote Supports Pencil – How to Connect”

Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware

If you bought the digital stylus Pencil to work with the Paper App by 53, you may not know that it is possible to run a firmware update for the Pencil. The latest firmware update is supposed to provide automatic reconnect support and bug fixes. You can learn more about the process of performing theContinue reading “Paper – Upgrading Pencil Firmware”

Paper Introduces Pencil (Stylus)

Paper, the app that lets you create, paint, draw, and write, introduces a new kind of stylus. It connects to all iPads with a Retina display and iPad mini only. It Does not connect to iPad 2. After syncing with paper, on one end you can draw, the other let’s you erase. The bluetooth deviceContinue reading “Paper Introduces Pencil (Stylus)”