Google Slides Released

Google has created Google Slides, a free app to allow creation, editing and collaboration with others on presentations from your iOS device. The company states that the free Google Slides app allows you to: * Create new presentations or edit any that were created on the web or on another device * Share presentations andContinue reading “Google Slides Released”

Timeline 3D Free for Limited Time

If you have been wanting to present information in a unique and visually captivating timeline format from your iOS device, you need to tryout Timeline 3D for iOS. Currently, the app is free. Your audience will not have seen information presented like this before. The app allows you to create timeline information, including images andContinue reading “Timeline 3D Free for Limited Time”

Adobe Voice – Show Your Story App

Adobe has created a free new app for iPads to allow you to create animated videos “in minutes.” Adobe Voice – Show Your Story does not involve “filming” but rather talking and telling your story. You then pick from over 25,000 images to show your ideas. The app then automatically adds cinematic motion and aContinue reading “Adobe Voice – Show Your Story App”

Keynote Update Adds Several New Features

Keynote has been updated to version 2.2.1. Some of the recent updates include: • Use your finger to illustrate on slides as you present• New “view only” setting lets you share presentations you want others to view but not edit• New portrait layout option in presenter display• Search presentations by name• New transitions and builds:Continue reading “Keynote Update Adds Several New Features”

TrialPad Upgrade Updated

TrialPad for iPad has not only recently been upgraded to version 4.0 but recently that was updated as well. If you own a previous version, you will need to pay the upgrade price of $89.99. If you are looking to organize and present information at a trial or motion (and you are or can become comfortableContinue reading “TrialPad Upgrade Updated”

TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price

TrialPad for iPad has released a new version of its app. This is not a free upgrade to prior versions but rather a brand new version. TrialPad is a full-featured courtroom presentation tool on your iPad. TrialPad makes it remarkably easy to do such things as callout sections of documents, highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit andContinue reading “TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price”

TrialTouch Updated

  TrialTouch, an app for lawyers who want to create and manage trial presentations from their iPad was updated today. According to the developer, Just a touch of the screen allows you to access all of your exhibits. It is the remote control to all of your photographs, illustrations, 3D animations, medical imagery, video andContinue reading “TrialTouch Updated”