Together Sync Update – Finally It Works

Together 3 is a productivity clipping app that allows you to keep text, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages, bookmarks in an organized way. The iCloud library integration is the part that is most promising and, in the past, has been very frustrating. The latest updates to both the Mac and iOS versions seem toContinue reading “Together Sync Update – Finally It Works”

LiquidText PDF Viewer

LiquidText – PDF and Document Reader for Annotating, Researching, Highlighting and More offers gesture based reading and annotating of documents. This app allows you to focus the relevant pages of a PDF and organize your notes. You can even share your annotations. This PDF reader app is designed to not only help you read PDFs, butContinue reading “LiquidText PDF Viewer”

Alfred Remote for iOS now Available

Alfred Remote is a personal command center for Alfred 2 for Mac. The Mac app is free, the iOS app costs $4.99. Your iPhone or iPad can now work with your Mac to help you be more productive by remotely controlling your Alfred 2 actions on your Mac. You can use icons on your iOS device to controlContinue reading “Alfred Remote for iOS now Available”

Pocket Informant Pro Updated 3.0

The goal of this app is to be a one stop app for your planning, calendaring and tasks. It accomplishes this task. Pocket Informant Pro, is a universal iOS app to help you with your productivity, calendaring, notes, and more. It has been updated to version 3.0. A quick start guide is available. To learnContinue reading “Pocket Informant Pro Updated 3.0”

How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity

Although there are apps that allow you to create shortcuts by typing a few letters to create a complete sentence, phrase, etc., there is also a built in way to do this as part of the iOS. The best part is that the shortcuts are universal – they apply no matter which app you areContinue reading “How to Create Shortcuts to Increase Productivity”

Things Updated to 2.0

Things, a task manager and productivity app for the Mac, iPad and iPhone has been updated to 2.0. The evolution of the product is shown above from Things’ history page. There are many new features, including cloud syncing between devices using Things Cloud. There are no current plans to use iCloud. The new method supersedesContinue reading “Things Updated to 2.0”

Paper App by Fifty Three

Recently, Fiftythree released Paper for the iPad. This “creative” capture app consists of 5 parts. Each part allows you to perform a different function. You can sketch, write, draw, outline and color. The first “included” piece is Draw. You can purchases additional “tools” with an in-app purchase. The company promotes the app as a way toContinue reading “Paper App by Fifty Three”

OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011

TUAW crowned OmniFocus for iPad the best productivity app for 2011. It was previously written up when it first came out in 2010. With a new year starting, perhaps you should consider a good organizing app to keep you focused. A listing of many of these productivity apps can be found here. Have a greatContinue reading “OmniFocus – Best iPad Productivity App 2011”

GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)

I have been trying out different GTD (Getting Things Done) software on the iPad for some time and too busy to do the kind of review necessary. I wanted to be able to give an overview of the software, capabilities and differences of each. Generally, GTD software is supposed to help you organize your lifeContinue reading “GTD Software (Planning, Calendaring, etc.)”