Bamboo Fineline Stylus

    Wacom has introduced another stylus in an attempt to address the never ending question, Can I get a better stylus to simulate writing on my iOS device? The newest stylus, the Bamboo Fineline, is a bluetooth, USB charged, pen like device that is compatible with the latest iOS and several apps, including Bamboo Paper. WhenContinue reading “Bamboo Fineline Stylus”

OfficeTime Update – Time Tracking App that Syncs

If you need/want to track and bill your time, you may be looking for an iOS app that works with and syncs to your Mac/PC. You should consider OfficeTime. This app allows you to set up projects and categories of billing events to quickly capture the time you spend with all of the details identified.Continue reading “OfficeTime Update – Time Tracking App that Syncs”

Keynote for iPad – Best Practices

If you have been using or want to use your iPad to do Keynote presentations, you may want to review the recent Apple knowledge base article Keynote for iPad: Best practices for creating a presentation on a Mac for use on an iPad. Your presentations will look best if you follow these tips. The article reprintedContinue reading “Keynote for iPad – Best Practices”

Lexis Advance Legal App Updated

Lexis is, in part, a legal research service. The Lexis Advance HD app is an intuitive mobile interface specifically for the iPad. You can access LexisNexis Advance services whether on the go, in your office or in court. Although the app has existed for some time (with some issues), this update makes a big differenceContinue reading “Lexis Advance Legal App Updated”

Index Card App – Stacks above others

If you have an affinity for working with index cards, you will love the updated Index Card app for the iPad. It presents the best of what you use index cards for – capturing or organizing information and ideas with the modern tools to search, reorganize and share that information. Quite simply, you create indexContinue reading “Index Card App – Stacks above others”

Clear Task Manager Released

Clear has now been released. The app is a simple to do list that is elegant and intuitive, once you understand it. It takes a couple of minutes to wrap your head around how lists and tasks are organized, deleted and created. However, once you get it, it is pretty fast. The developer has already announced futureContinue reading “Clear Task Manager Released”