Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping…It’s an interesting term.  For those familiar with the concept, you will enjoy this simple to use software from MindNode.  For those who have not yet learned about this tool, I suggest learning more because it can help you organize your thoughts in a different and powerful way.  If you are wanting to learnContinue reading “Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software”


Pogo Sketch Review

I have been curious about whether a stylus like device would make my written entries easier.  I recently saw the Pogo Sketch for iPad and thought I would try it out.  Admittedly, this review is being written within 24 hours of purchasing the stylus.  Thus, my first thoughts are just that, impressions that may changeContinue reading “Pogo Sketch Review”

Review: 1Password for iPad

Here’s my first review of a third party app for your iPad.  For those familiar with 1Password for your desktop Mac, you know what 1Password can do.  For those who don’t, imagine what it would be like to have your device recognize the web page you are visiting and type in all the password andContinue reading “Review: 1Password for iPad”

Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool

When presenting in Keynote from your iPad, instead of carrying around a laser pointer, use your finger. The laser pointer tool in Keynote lets you accentuate your point with the effect of a laser light pointer, with a comet like trail. To activate the pointer, touch and hold anywhere on your iPad screen.  A red-and-whiteContinue reading “Keynote’s Laser Pointer Tool”