iPad Art Apps – Sample Work

MacWorld had a digital art contest using iPad apps and announced the winners. The digital creations are shown along with a list of the apps and tools used for each work of art. The apps and links to a MacWorld review were Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, Sketch Club, Paper. The links to reviews and stylus tools used wereContinue reading “iPad Art Apps – Sample Work”


Stylus Shmylus – Do You Need One?

Are you a stylus collector? Do you think just one more stylus might make a material difference with how you use your iPad or iPhone? If you aren’t using the one(s) you have, why do you want to spend another $15-30? Before you go out and buy another one, consider the updated stylus comparison chartContinue reading “Stylus Shmylus – Do You Need One?”

New Pressure Sensitive Stylus on the Way

Adonit has shared a sneak peak of its new pressure sensitive iOS stylus at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The new Jot Touch works via a combination of bluetooth, pressure sensitivity and software. Depending on the pressure applied, the line width will change. Macworld has provided a glimpse of the product. To learnContinue reading “New Pressure Sensitive Stylus on the Way”

Pogo Sketch Review

I have been curious about whether a stylus like device would make my written entries easier.  I recently saw the Pogo Sketch for iPad and thought I would try it out.  Admittedly, this review is being written within 24 hours of purchasing the stylus.  Thus, my first thoughts are just that, impressions that may changeContinue reading “Pogo Sketch Review”