Together Mobile Updated

Together Mobile is an app that allows you to collect, store and organize notes, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and more. It’s sort of an electronic scrap book. The app allows you to create labels, ratings and otherwise group bits of information to help the information be organized and found. It has been updated toContinue reading “Together Mobile Updated”


How to Use iTunes 11 to Arrange Apps

With the introduction of iTunes 11, the way to accomplish some tasks, like arranging apps on your iOS device, has changed although the function remains. To access the various services, including rearranging your apps via iTunes, read on. 1. Open iTunes on your computer. 2. Connect your iOS device to your computer via wi-fi or USBContinue reading “How to Use iTunes 11 to Arrange Apps”

How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad

If you have a favorite set of websites that you have assigned on your Safari browser, you can sync them to iCloud. Once that is done, on your iPad, you can open Safari and see the same tabs and shortcuts. If you have to suddenly rush away from the browser open on your computer, youContinue reading “How to Sync Safari Between Mac and iPad”

DropBox Adds Photo Sync

With the latest release of Dropbox, you can now plug in your iPad, iPhone, memory card, etc. into your computer and upload your photos or videos to your DropBox account. The process takes place automatically. In order to encourage you to use the service, Dropbox will give you an additional 500 MB for your firstContinue reading “DropBox Adds Photo Sync”

Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To

Apple has updated iTunes again. This iTunes update is designed to help sync your music in all of your iOS devices, automatically. You will need to have an iTunes account and need to turn this feature on in both iTunes and your iOS devices.  Here’s how. First, download the latest version of iTunes (currently 10.3.1 you mayContinue reading “Automatic Downloads and Syncing for iPad – How To”

Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files

Do you want to access, create and store your Pages, Numbers, Keynote and other documents with your iPad without syncing to iTunes? If you have a MobileMe account or access to any standard WebDAV server, you can. (you can also share your documents using Apple’s which is still in BETA status.) WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring andContinue reading “Pages and Keynote – Remotely Access Your Files”