2Do Update – Now Free Download

2Do, an iOS productivity app has been updated. This app also works with your Apple watch so you can access your lists and tasks from your wrist. You can even add new ones with voice dictation. You can learn more about working with your Apple Watch and 2do from this page. This award winning app isContinue reading “2Do Update – Now Free Download”

Things for iPad Update

Things for iPad has been updated to version 2.7.3. This task manager app works with your Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to help you organize your projects, tasks and reminders. You can organize your tasks into projects and organize with tags like work, family, hobby, etc. You can even create repeating tasks like payingContinue reading “Things for iPad Update”

Vitamin-R for iPad Released

Vitamin-R Pomodoro Timer is an app designed to help you manage your time by having you work in short bursts on one focused activity for a period of time. Previously, this app worked solely with the iPhone. Now, it is a universal app that works with the iPad. ‘ The developer describes the app as follows: Vitamin-RContinue reading “Vitamin-R for iPad Released”

Pocket Informant Update

  Pocket Informant, an all in one calendar and task management app, has been updated to version 4.54. According to the developer, the following improvements have been made: • Toodledo Authentication and sync – you may need to sign out and then back in if you experienced and issue before • Search View Options and performanceContinue reading “Pocket Informant Update”