Ulysses Adds WordPress Support and more

Ulysses, is a powerful writing app with a fresh and clean feel. No matter what kind of writing you are doing, this app allows you to get your ideas down using it powerful text editing capabilities. This universal app also syncs with the Mac version using iCloud so you can work on your Mac, iPadContinue reading “Ulysses Adds WordPress Support and more”


Ulysses Text Editor Fixes

Ulysses Mobile, a universal iOS text editor app, has been updated to fix several issues. This app, although it takes a few minutes to wrap your head around how it works, is quite powerful. The app allows you to create distraction free documents, whether short or long, and organize them to export into your favoriteContinue reading “Ulysses Text Editor Fixes”

Ulysses Mobile Updated

Ulysses Mobile, a streamlined iOS Universal writing app, has been updated. This text editor features iCloud syncing as well. You can even use¬†different themes to make working in the editing environment more enjoyable. The developers report the following improvements and fixes: ### Improvements – X-Callback: You can now append to a sheet and also addContinue reading “Ulysses Mobile Updated”

Tyype HD Text Editor – Free Today

As part of a promotion, Tyype HD is free today. This app, a text editor, makes it easy to deal with text on the iPad. You can move around using your finger instead of keys. Put the cursor where you want by touching where you want the cursor, not tapping on a series of keys.Continue reading “Tyype HD Text Editor – Free Today”