Things for iPad Organizer Updated

Things for iPad is a task manager for your iPad, iPhone and Mac. The iOS version has been updated to work with iOS9 including the new slide over and split view features. The latest version, 2.8.1 fixes a bug related to badge counting and notifications. This task manager app can also sync between your devicesContinue reading “Things for iPad Organizer Updated”


Things for iPad Update

Things for iPad has been updated to version 2.7.3. This task manager app works with your Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad to help you organize your projects, tasks and reminders. You can organize your tasks into projects and organize with tags like work, family, hobby, etc. You can even create repeating tasks like payingContinue reading “Things for iPad Update”

Things Updated to 2.0

Things, a task manager and productivity app for the Mac, iPad and iPhone has been updated to 2.0. The evolution of the product is shown above from Things’ history page. There are many new features, including cloud syncing between devices using Things Cloud. There are no current plans to use iCloud. The new method supersedesContinue reading “Things Updated to 2.0”