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BusyCal – Calendar

BusyCal is a useful and powerful calendar app for working with events and to dos. The app works with iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, Office 365 and other CalDAV Servers. This helps with coordinating and syncing all the various calendars you may have into one place.

There are different calendar views and you can even see the upcoming weather. You can use pinch gestures to zoom in and out of weeks.

To Do items are also displayed in the calendar and will remain until completed. You can sort the items in various ways like date, priority, calendar, etc. The app can even sync with Reminders on your iOS or Mac.

If you need help with the app, check out the help page.

All kinds of personalization is available to make this app a nice way to unify all your different schedules into one place. Your productivity can be greatly improved using BusyCal.


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Fantastical 2 comes to iPad

Fantastical 2 for iPad icon

Flexibits, developer of Fantastical has finally released their app for the iPad.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is now available for $9.99 which is a 33% off limited time launch sales price.  You can watch the app in action here.

Specifically designed for your iPad, the Fantastical Dashboard puts all of your event and reminder info at your fingertips.

With a simple gesture, you can toggle between the DayTicker, week view, and full-screen week view. Even better, the DayTicker, week view, calendar, and event list are all connected. Fantastical lets you manage your events and reminders like never before.

Creating events and reminders with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun:

  • Tap + or tap-and-hold on a date
  • Type or speak* your details and tap Add

…and you’ve got yourself a shiny new event or reminder!

Fantastical’s natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style. Fantastical recognizes holidays, days of the week, the location of your event, repeating events, and more!

If your device supports dictation*, you can also speak the details of your event or reminder and Fantastical will automatically interpret your speech.

* Dictation feature is not supported on iPad 2

This app is more than a calendar, it is an app that helps you organize and manage events and tasks.


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Things Updated to 2.0

Things, a task manager and productivity app for the Mac, iPad and iPhone has been updated to 2.0. The evolution of the product is shown above from Things’ history page.

There are many new features, including cloud syncing between devices using Things Cloud. There are no current plans to use iCloud. The new method supersedes the prior sync mechanism.

The next major new feature is the “Daily Review” list. All due and scheduled to-dos appear in a special Daily Review section at the top of your Today list.

There are many other refinements and improvements for iOS devices including visual polish, Scrolling Date Picker and the ability to cancel a todo simply by tapping and holding a todo checkbox.

Try out the new Things and improve your productivity.