TranscriptPad and TrialPad Updated

  Two apps that are great tools for attorneys, TranscriptPad and TrialPad have just been updated. These apps help you prepare for trials, hearings and mediations. No matter what kind of litigation you may be involved with, these apps help you streamline and organize your thoughts. TranscriptPad, is an app that allows you to review, markupContinue reading “TranscriptPad and TrialPad Updated”

TranscriptPad Updated – Citrix Sharefile support

TranscriptPad, an ipad application to allow you to read, review and markup transcripts from hearings, court and depositions, has been updated to version 2.1.o. The below features have been added: > Added Citrix ShareFile cloud storage support. > Added blue bar indicator to the left of files and folders of transcripts that have been annotated.Continue reading “TranscriptPad Updated – Citrix Sharefile support”

TranscriptPad Update

TranscriptPad has been updated to 1.5.4 and has some new features. This app allows you to review various transcripts in txt format and annotate, search and share information. You can read the review of the app here. According to the developer, the new features include:  Optimized for the iPad retina display: New high-resolution user interface. PerformanceContinue reading “TranscriptPad Update”