TrialPad (Lit Software) Updates

It’s been a while since posting but that (hopefully) will change with this latest update from Lit Software to their suite of litigation software. There are three separate apps that can be used to help you with your litigation practice. There is TrialPad, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad. Each app can help you with a separate partContinue reading “TrialPad (Lit Software) Updates”

TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders

When getting ready for a trial recently, I finally realized a couple of important concepts related to using TrialPad that can make a big difference in organization and speed – Creating Witness folders with documents you will use for the witness examination. Having a folder for each witness is not the concept I realized. Instead, the method forContinue reading “TrialPad – How to Create Key Docs and Witness Folders”

TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad Updates

   Lit Software has updated two of their three iPad litigation apps to support iPad Pro resolution and provided other updates. The two apps, TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad, help those in the legal profession organize and review electronic documents including PDFs, transcripts, photos and more. TrialPad can be used to organize, annotate and present information for trial, hearings andContinue reading “TranscriptPad and DocReviewPad Updates”

TrialPad Update for DocReviewPad

In anticipation of the newest app release from Saurian, TrialPad is adding support for the soon to be released DocReviewPad. This app is used by lawyers during trial, motion hearings and during mediation. TrialPad helps you not only organize the information you will need but present it in a powerful real time way that many otherContinue reading “TrialPad Update for DocReviewPad”

TranscriptPad and TrialPad Updated

  Two apps that are great tools for attorneys, TranscriptPad and TrialPad have just been updated. These apps help you prepare for trials, hearings and mediations. No matter what kind of litigation you may be involved with, these apps help you streamline and organize your thoughts. TranscriptPad, is an app that allows you to review, markupContinue reading “TranscriptPad and TrialPad Updated”

TranscriptPad Updated – Citrix Sharefile support

TranscriptPad, an ipad application to allow you to read, review and markup transcripts from hearings, court and depositions, has been updated to version 2.1.o. The below features have been added: > Added Citrix ShareFile cloud storage support. > Added blue bar indicator to the left of files and folders of transcripts that have been annotated.Continue reading “TranscriptPad Updated – Citrix Sharefile support”

TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price

TrialPad for iPad has released a new version of its app. This is not a free upgrade to prior versions but rather a brand new version. TrialPad is a full-featured courtroom presentation tool on your iPad. TrialPad makes it remarkably easy to do such things as callout sections of documents, highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit andContinue reading “TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price”