iMovie Updated to 1.2.1

Apple has updated iMovie  to 1.2.1 and added some new features and bug fixes. According to Apple, the following changes are new: • Audio plays from your HDTV when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter. • Video plays full screen from Marquee to your HDTV when using the Apple Digital AV Adapter. • Resolves some casesContinue reading “iMovie Updated to 1.2.1”

Apple Store App Updated – Not for iPad

There have been many headlines about the new functionality built into the latest update of the Apple Store app. However, it is disappointing that the app will not run as a universal app on an iPad. Instead, it still runs as an iPhone app. A description of the app from Apple states: It’s the best way to getContinue reading “Apple Store App Updated – Not for iPad”

iOS 4.3.3 and 4.2.7 Available

Available for immediate download is iOS 4.3.3. This software is supposed to address the location tracking issues that were the subject of concern over the last couple of weeks. According to the information – “This update contains changes to tie iOS crowd-sourced location database cache.” Additional (limited) information about the 4.3.3 update is available here.Continue reading “iOS 4.3.3 and 4.2.7 Available”

iOS 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 are Out

The iOS 4.3.2 update and 4.2.7 update are out. You can obtain the proper update by opening iTunes and plugging in your iOS device. You will be presented with a window similar to the one above. You can learn more about the update for 4.3.2 here and 4.2.7 here. The 4.2.7 update for CDMA devices contains improvements andContinue reading “iOS 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 are Out”

iOS 4.3.1 Update Available

Today, Apple, Inc. released iOS 4.3.1 for mobile devices. (Version 4.3.1 (8G4). Plug you iOS device into iTunes to receive the update. Apple states the following about the update: This update contains improvements and other bug fixes including: • Fixes an occasional graphics glitch on iPod touch (4th generation) • Resolves bugs related to activatingContinue reading “iOS 4.3.1 Update Available”

iDisk App Updated for iPad

Today, Apple updated the iDisk app.  No longer will you have to use the iphone version and click on 2x.  The app now properly recognizes orientation, etc.  You can easily access your MobileMe information using the Apple provided app. Once launched, you can click on the iDisk button and click on settings.  Once there, youContinue reading “iDisk App Updated for iPad”