Index Card App – Organize (Ideas, Stories, Papers, More)

When you see the image below, if you get what is going on, you understand the idea of Index Card 4. The app allows you to capture ideas, draft or write out information to compile ideas. The idea is simple. Like real index cards you can capture information and ideas and then sort them toContinue reading “Index Card App – Organize (Ideas, Stories, Papers, More)”

Ulysses Update Makes Great App Better

Ulysses by the Soulmen is a great writing app for getting thoughts down and organizing articles, notes and more. The latest update includes the following long list of new features and fixes: ## New Features – Added editing of TextBundle files in Dropbox – Added import of TextBundle and TextPack files – Added reading timeContinue reading “Ulysses Update Makes Great App Better”

Why Type Using an iPad?

Jason Snell at MacWorld has written an interesting article about using the iPad to write articles entitled “Why I’m writing on the iPad.” He suggests being forced to type slower on the iPad has benefits. He explains that although his mind still tries to get the information out quickly, because he types slower on theContinue reading “Why Type Using an iPad?”