Notes Plus Update

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Notes Plus icon 4.4

Notes Plus, a note taking app for your iPad has been updated to version 4.4.1 with various bug fixes.

With school starting back, this note pad app has what you need to take and organize notes on your iPad just like you would on a notepad. Plus, you can mark up PDFs as well.

If you are not familiar with this app, watch the video below to see it in action, including the in app purchase option to convert your handwriting to text.

Soon, this app will be 90% off. You can learn more about the sale on their site.



Google Slides Released

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Google Slides icon

Google has created Google Slides, a free app to allow creation, editing and collaboration with others on presentations from your iOS device. The company states that the free Google Slides app allows you to:

* Create new presentations or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
* Share presentations and work together with others in the same presentation at the same time
* Open, edit, and save Microsoft PowerPoint files
* Get stuff done anytime — even without an internet connection
* Add and rearrange slides, format text and shapes, and more
* Present right from your device
* Never worry about losing your work — everything is automatically saved as you type

Google Slides Screenshot


To learn more about getting started with Google Slides, visit the support page.

TrialPad Update


TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad, an app designed to help attorneys present evidence to juries and judges, has been updated to version 4.1.0.

If you are not familiar with the app or want to learn more, you can download the 62 page quick start guide.

To get a good idea of how the app works, you can see the app in action at this vimeo site.

The update includes the following additions and changes:

- Added Custom sort button to allow you to customize the order of your exhibits (user requested).
– Modified search results to show file name hits before searching OCR data (user requested).
– Added natural sort order so you don’t need to add leading zeros to keep the sort order, e.g. 1, 2, 10, 20 (user requested).
– Added straight line tool to Pen options.
– Added link to free Quick Start Guide iBook in the Help menu.
– Tested for compatibility with iOS 8.
– Addressed various issues with downloading/uploading from/to third party cloud services.
– Addressed issues with orientation of annotation on exporting or printing.
– Addressed zooming reset during split screen presentation.
– Addressed issue allowing Exhibit Sticker to keep file name when moving position.
– Addressed issue connecting to WebDAV.


Keynote Updated

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Keynote icon

Apple Keynote for iOS devices has been updated to version 2.2.2.

The only notes concerning the update state that it contains stability improvements and bug fixes.

To update, tap on the App store icon > updates and tap update.


MacJournal for iPad Update

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MacJournal for iPad icon

MacJournal for iPad has been updated to version 1.7.3. This journaling app has been around almost since the inception of the iPhone and available for Mac for about 9 years. This update improves Dropbox handling, contains bug fixes and improvements.

The developer describes the app as follows:

MacJournal for iPad allows users to organize, chronicle and edit any life event using the same look and feel as the desktop version. Unlike other journaling apps, MacJournal offers the ability for users to blog to many of the popular servers such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous as well as being able to download existing entries. Use MacJournal on its own or share your MacJournal data over the cloud with your other Mac OS and iOS devices. Even share documents via iTunes. Whichever way, MacJournal has you covered.

MacJournal Screenshot

MacJournal for iPad features include:
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Attach images to your entries
-Edit styles in entries (including font sizes, styles, and colors)
-Using Dropbox, manage multiple MacJournal
documents, that can reside on your device
-Share entries to Facebook and Twitter
-Create entries in multiple journals
-Lock MacJournal to require a pass code for security
-Search or browse entries using the search field
-Customize the display of journals and entries
-Journal in either landscape or portrait mode
-Organize journals using Smart Journals

You can share data between the MacOS version 6.0.6 and higher via Dropbox or wifi sync.

If you are a collector of information, a person who diaries or journals or blogs, this app can help you organize and keep up with tasks, information and more.

Hanx Writer – Retro Typewriter App

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Hanx Writer icon

From the academy award winning actor Tom Hanks comes the latest in high tech typewriter apps. Hanx Writer (re)turns your iPad into a typewrite with the clickity clack sound and feel of an old typewriter.

Hanx Writer Screen Shot


The app is free and offers in app purchases for different typewriters, ribbon colors and the like.

The developer describes the idea behind the app as follows:

Actor Tom Hanks and Hitcents have partnered on a new app, Hanx Writer, that recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the ease and speed of an iPad. Developed in close collaboration with Tom Hanks, Hanx Writer reflects the look, feel, and sound of old-fashioned word-processing while embracing a few new-fashioned luxuries (like the DELETE key!).

Typeface creation

Personal letters, thank-you notes, office memos, to-do lists, and rough drafts of story pages come alive with the individualism only a typewriter can create. The typewriter experience not only provides tactile pleasure, but you can feel the rhythm of your work with each “SHOOK SHOOK” or “FITT-FITT!” A note drafted by a Hanx Writer has its own unique statement-making personality and with each thoughtful nuance, the Hanx Writer app recreates the typewriter experience in a way that’s never been done before.

Go into your favorite coffee shop and type away with the fun typewriter sounds.

The Golden Touch typewriter is an in app purchase.

Golden Touch image

You can read more about the project and effort taken to create the look and feel of the typewriter app.

OneNote Online Co-Authoring

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OneNote 2.0 icon

Collaboration is an important concept in many professions. With that in mind, a new “People Presence” feature of OneNote promises to help you see who else is working on the same OneNote page or is in the same notebook regardless of which OneNote client is being used. This tool can allow for better collaboration, work flow and sharing of ideas.

OneNote People Presence


On the Mac, to create a shared notebook, after creating a notebook (File > New Notebook) and storing it on OneDrive, share the link to the notebook. At the top right, click on the person+ icon > Get a Sharing Link > View and Edit…

OneNote Sharing

You will then get a link that will allow you to share your notebook.

This promises to be a good tool for collaboration with co-workers and working together with any other groups or teams.

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