TrialPad Upgrade Updated

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TrialPad 4 icon

TrialPad for iPad has not only recently been upgraded to version 4.0 but recently that was updated as well. If you own a previous version, you will need to pay the upgrade price of $89.99.

If you are looking to organize and present information at a trial or motion (and you are or can become comfortable with the technology needed to present the information on an iPad), get this app.

The 4.0.13 version update includes:

- Addressed an issue with importing case folders from TrialPad 3.1.3 with notes on the case folders.
- Addressed a conflict authorizing Dropbox with TranscriptPad, for users who have both TrialPad and TranscriptPad installed.
- Addressed an issue where the Documents list would sometimes not scroll to the end after the keyboard appears for a search.
- Addressed an issue where the search count would not show on folders during a case-wide text search.
- Addressed an issue where exporting Key Docs to iTunes would only export the first page.
- Addressed an issue where navigating into a folder would not show its contents until you switch tabs.
- Addressed an issue importing zip files.
- Added feedback in the registration dialog, indicating if you are already registered.
- Performance improvements when opening large cases.

This app combines the concept of a trial notebook with a mobile presentation system.



You can pre-load or link the app to various services like Dropbox to load documents, videos and other images related to a file.



Once the app has access to the files, you can then sort and organize those materials using an intuitive folder structure. Once the materials are in the folder, you can then tap on individual documents to “present” via a projector or similar device.


The app takes some getting used to. Like any app or technology, do not attempt to use it for the first time in Court. This app is a great way to organize information and document as well as highlight evidence, documents and video for a jury and a judge during a motion hearing.

If you have been looking for a product that can help you organize and present information in Court, consider this app and make sure you practice connected to the projector before any live performance.


Adobe Lightroom Comes to iPad

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Lightroom icon

Adobe has released Lightroom, an iOS app that requires Adobe Lightroom 5 and a creative cloud plan.

Lightroom screenshot

The app allows you to edit and organize images on your iPad and automatically sync them with your desktop.

You can also share your photos with various social media sites.


Fantastical 2 comes to iPad


Fantastical 2 for iPad icon

Flexibits, developer of Fantastical has finally released their app for the iPad.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is now available for $9.99 which is a 33% off limited time launch sales price.  You can watch the app in action here.

Specifically designed for your iPad, the Fantastical Dashboard puts all of your event and reminder info at your fingertips.

With a simple gesture, you can toggle between the DayTicker, week view, and full-screen week view. Even better, the DayTicker, week view, calendar, and event list are all connected. Fantastical lets you manage your events and reminders like never before.

Creating events and reminders with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun:

  • Tap + or tap-and-hold on a date
  • Type or speak* your details and tap Add

…and you’ve got yourself a shiny new event or reminder!

Fantastical’s natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style. Fantastical recognizes holidays, days of the week, the location of your event, repeating events, and more!

If your device supports dictation*, you can also speak the details of your event or reminder and Fantastical will automatically interpret your speech.

* Dictation feature is not supported on iPad 2

This app is more than a calendar, it is an app that helps you organize and manage events and tasks.


Apple’s iOS Productivity Apps Updated

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Today, Apple issued several updates to its office suite of apps. These updates not only improve performance but also, offer new features.

Keynote icon

Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, was updated with the following:

• Use your finger to illustrate on slides as you present
• New “view only” setting lets you share presentations you want others to view but not edit
• New portrait layout option in presenter display
• Search presentations by name
• New transitions and builds: Object Revolve, Drift and Scale, and Skid
• Control the z-order of bubble chart labels
• Export to PPTX format
• Detailed presentation import feedback
• Improved animation performance
• Improved bi-directional support: switch direction for text, lists and tables
• Usability improvements

Pages icon

Pages, Apple’s document app was updated with the following:

• New “view only” setting lets you share documents you want others to view but not edit
• Search documents by name
• Inline images and shapes in table cells are preserved on import
• Better placement of inserted and pasted objects
• New Arabic and Hebrew templates
• Improved support for bi-directional text
• Word count for Hebrew
• Improved ePub export
• Control the z-order of bubble chart labels
• Usability improvements

Numbers icon

Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet app was updated with the following:

• New “view only” setting lets you share spreadsheets you want others to view but not edit
• Search spreadsheets by name
• Progress indicator for calculations
• Control the z-order of bubble chart labels
• Faster CSV import
• Improved Microsoft Excel compatibility
• Usability improvements

Writer’s Studio App Free Today

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Writer's Studio icon

Today, Writer’s Studio is free. If you want to try out a universal app that will allow you to capture thoughts, ideas or images, try this app.

Watch the app in action below.


Microsoft Releases Office apps for the iPad

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MS Office iPad icons

Microsoft Office for iPad is now available. The apps require an iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. More information about Microsoft Office for iPad can be found on the Office blog.

The iPad versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are each available for free. You will be able to view and present existing documents. However, you will need an Office 365 subscription to edit and create documents.

Word Screenshot

Microsoft is promising is the ability to create and collaborate with on an iPad while keeping the “look” and feel of the MS app you are working with.

OneNote is still available for free.

OneNote iPad


More on this development will be posted later.

TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price

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New iOS7 TrialPad Logo

TrialPad for iPad has released a new version of its app. This is not a free upgrade to prior versions but rather a brand new version.

TrialPad is a full-featured courtroom presentation tool on your iPad.

TrialPad Screen shot1

TrialPad makes it remarkably easy to do such things as callout sections of documents, highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit and show video clips, add exhibit stickers to documents, search document text, and much more.

TrialPad Screen 2 exhibit

The app has a new feel and look. It is easier to move, sort and rename documents and files.

A feature that is nice is the ability to pre-annotate and organize evidence into witness or issue folders. You can add “exhibit stickers” and mark documents as admitted to keep up your own list.

As to exhibits and items that have been loaded into the app, create highlights and annotations on-the-fly, zoom in on important areas, create multiple callouts on-the-fly, or compare two documents side-by-side.

Easily import multiple files at once, keeping your file and folder structure intact, via Dropbox, Box, WebDAV, or directly connected to your computer using iTunes.

Also import documents from email, Photos app, or from other iPad apps. Then simply plug-and-play to present at mediation or trial via VGA, HDMI, or wirelessly using Apple TV!

To learn more about the product, you can watch videos from here.

The new release is on sale. The sale price of $49.99 will be effective March 26, 27, 28. After that it will be going back to its normal price of $89.99.

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