Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping…It’s an interesting term.  For those familiar with the concept, you will enjoy this simple to use software from MindNode.  For those who have not yet learned about this tool, I suggest learning more because it can help you organize your thoughts in a different and powerful way.  If you are wanting to learn more about and use mind mapping software, I can recommend these for you to try.

I have downloaded and have been using MindNode Pro for the Mac and a its sister and separate program for the iPad, MindNode touch.  I have not had time to give them a good work out.   However, so far, I have been able to easily sync the maps I was working on between my iPad and Mac.

The programs talk nice to each other via wireless sync.  You will find yourself creating maps in just a few seconds.  The best way to learn is to do.  Have a simple project or thought in mind and begin outlining using this tool.  You will quickly see that having access to all of your thoughts on a piece of paper in a non-linear form is very helpful.

There is a free version of the MindNode program for your Mac to start to get the feel for the organizational power and usefulness that mind mapping can offer.  There is no reason not to try the free program to see the benefits.

I recommend you try the free version.  I believe you will immediately see the benefits and want to buy the iPad version to work on your thoughts on the go.  If you want to sync between the iPad and Mac version, you will need the Pro version for the Mac.  The benefit of having both is that you can work on your thoughts on the go and come back to your Mac to refine and retouch some details.

What are you waiting for?

UPDATE…Screencastsonline has a show on using the MindNode’s Mind Mapping program.  If you are a member, you should check it out.

UPDATE 2011.02.11 There is another screencast showing MindNode in use on a Mac. The same basic principles apply to the iPad version and some useful tips are shown.


4 thoughts on “Review: MindNode’s Mind Mapping Software

  1. Looks more like a flow chart. Additional factors are hard to add to the left. Difficult to cross connect and show interrelationships of more than one factor. Coloured lines can show direct vs indirect or secondary impacts of various factors.dotted lines would be helpful. I have used concept maps as means to show how compex Biological factors lead to specific phenomena, such as Eutrophication. If one were to use this program you would have to build separate maps for a limited number of factors and hope the maps have can be tied to one another intuitively. Just played a little with this app so can’t honestly say whether I would use it . I like it so far.

  2. For several years I’ve reviewed mind maps and PIM type freeware programs. What I’d like to find is something similar to Vue that also operates on Android and can support background images that you can then overlay notes on anywhere on the image. See here on how this can be done with Vue Pimki Reviews

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