iPlan for iPad on Sale




A new event planner normally selling for $9.99 is on sale for the first 2000 people who can snag it at 99¢. iPlan for iPad is available now.

The app launched yesterday and appears to have a clean interface that syncs with Google Calendar and iCal. There is a built in weather display to help you take that into account in your planning.

iPad Screenshot 3

The developer describes the app as follows:

+The app includes:

★Four views – yearly/monthly/weekly/daily
Choose the best view for keeping track of your project or plan.

★Colors for all of your synced calendars
It’s awesome that you can synchronize different calendars and see them at the same time – but sometimes it’s hard to figure out just what is what! With iPlan, you can assign a unique color to each calendar so you can tell entries apart at once.

★Simple input method
Simply tap the +add button to input a new calendar entry. You can even customize the calendar template for added convenience.

★Schedule search mode
Your calendar is packed with events. How are you ever going to find the one you need? With the smart search mode, you won’t have a problem locating the event you’re looking for.

★Longer memos
Some events simply can’t be captured in a single phrase! Fortunately, we give you plenty of room for longer messages.

★Password protection for your personal information
Whether company business or private plans, some things are for your eyes only. We handle the security so you can focus on your life.

★Event reminders
No matter how hard you work to keep your calendar organized, what good is it if you forget what you have to do? Our handy event reminders let you know when you’re supposed to go!

★Landscape mode compatibility
The app interface is designed to adapt to vertical or horizontal orientation. Whichever you prefer, it’s easy to manage your schedule. You can even choose to lock the app in one orientation.

iPad Screenshot 5


For the 99¢ intro price, you may just want to check it out.



2 thoughts on “iPlan for iPad on Sale


    1. Did you try checking the setting to make sure your time zone is correct? Tap setting gear at bottom right and tap time zone to see if that is set correctly.

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