How to Get Emoji Keyboard on iPad

Want to use those little emoji smiley face symbols to send friends messages or emails? You can modify your iPad keyboard to accomplish that. Make sure you are using the latest iOS.

NOTE for iOS 7, follow this link.

Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. Tap on Add New Keyboard.

You will be presented with a list. Tap on Emoji.

Now, open an app, any app that uses a keyboard. You will be presented with a reminder and a new icon will be next to the spacebar. It looks like a globe.

Tap on the globe and you will be presented with all kinds of symbols and choices. Tap on the various icons at the bottom to choose a set and scroll through the set from right to left to see how many pages of icons you have.

Tap an icon and tap the globe symbol to get back to the regular keyboard.

You can read more at the Apple support article.


79 thoughts on “How to Get Emoji Keyboard on iPad

  1. Thanks for sharing the way to make an emoji keyboard work on my iPad. I LOVE it!! I go to this website every day to check on cool tips.

  2. These work for messages, but only a few work in comment box.
    The snowman and coffee cup work , but the others disappear after entering comment

  3. The emoticon shows when I type to update my facebook status, but when I post my status the emoticon does NOT show up.

      1. My friends have … pretty much way cooler and heaps more emojis… How do I get them too?

    1. On some apps u can’t use it on chat… It’s a problem if it’s not working on iMessage, Kik or apps like that
      Hopefully it works soon!

  4. I wonder the others have more smiley faces or other things than me I only have 4pages to swipe left to right, what app can I use for emoji?

  5. how to get this on my Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case. I have it on the Ipad but now that I have this new bluetooth for the Ipad, I don’t see how to get to it. There is a globe icon for language.
    Is there a way to get it on tjis device?

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  7. I reset my I pad 2 then I couldnot download these apps coz it keep ask me to download iOS 6 or 5 and I want to use Emoji what can I do .? Please help me .

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