Ulysses Mobile Updated


Ulysses Mobile, a streamlined iOS Universal writing app, has been updated. This text editor features iCloud syncing as well. You can even use different themes to make working in the editing environment more enjoyable.

Ulysses Themes

The developers report the following improvements and fixes:

### Improvements
– X-Callback: You can now append to a sheet and also add attachments
– X-Callback: You can now specify the input text format (HTML, Markdown, Text; defaults to Markdown)
– X-Callback: added Share actions to copy both sheet and group IDs/URLs
– vastly improved the Markdown import of our Share extension
– Send as Mail no longer adds an empty line to the email body
– Fixed dismiss button in Editor on iPad Pro
– import ULSS files

### Fixes
– Fixed crash when swiping right in Library view on iPhone
– Fixed crash when importing DOCX file
– Fixed crash when adding empty attachments
– Fixed crash when accessing duplicated sheet in Favorites
– Fixed crash when selecting another sheet while element editor (link, image etc.) was open
– Fixed crash when opening Export Preview if no sheet was selected (duh)
– Fixed crash when tapping norm page settings cell in Manage Counters view
– Fixed a bunch of other crashes (rare stuff)


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