Ulysses Adds WordPress Support and more


Ulysses, is a powerful writing app with a fresh and clean feel. No matter what kind of writing you are doing, this app allows you to get your ideas down using it powerful text editing capabilities.

This universal app also syncs with the Mac version using iCloud so you can work on your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

Ulysses Synchronization

Version 2.6 brings the following feature enhancements and bug fixes:

WordPress Publishing
– Added publishing to WordPress.com and self-hosted blogs
– Publish as Markdown or HTML
– Offers post or draft, schedule, or immediate publish
– Includes excerpt, feature image, post type, slug and title link options
– Can auto-fill categories and tags based on keywords
– Can auto-fill excerpt and feature image based on note and image attachments
– Customizable preview using standard CSS

Dropbox Syncing
– You can now add Dropbox folders to your Library (similar to External Folders on Ulysses for Mac)
– Syncs sheets, filters, icons, group goals, sorting, and favorites
– Automatic background sync, so no need to press a “Sync” button
– Sync folders from multiple Dropbox accounts at once
– Share to Dropbox using Share Extension

– Ulysses is now fully accessible: Utilize the whole app using VoiceOver

Quick Open
– Quickly search your whole library
– Search for text, keywords, and group names

Typewriter Mode
– Keeps editor vertically fixed (like it does on Mac since 2003, sorry for the delay)
– Option to mark current line
– Option to highlight line, sentence or paragraph (aka Focus Mode)

Updates & Fixes
– Allow pasting images directly into editor
– Added option to duplicate groups and filters
– External sheets can now be filtered by their filename
– Allow selection of sheets using external keyboard if selection is empty
– Disabled auto-capitalization when using external keyboard
– Improved handling of X-Callback URLs
– Improved introduction, added section on Markdown XL
– Allow hiding introduction
– Reworked library view sections
– Reworked fonts section in editor settings
– Split iOS preferences into general settings and editor settings
– Can now import CSS files as HTML export style
– Updated some PDF/DOCX export styles
– PDF export: Reset page numbers after section breaks
– Re-added a simplified RTF exporter
– Glued sheets are again exported together
– Read fenced code blocks as Raw Source in external folders
– Fixed look of alerts in dark mode
– Improved legibility of filename tag in dark mode
– Fixed crash when editing keywords of an already broken sheet
– Back buttons are not broken anymore when rotating on an iPhone 6 plus


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