Targus iPad Stylus for the iPad AMM01US




Targus had come out with an iPad stylus of their own for use with iPads, iTouches and iPhones.  I picked mine up at Best Buy yesterday.

The first thing I noticed was that the stylus felt more substantial than the Pogo Sketch I had been using.  Also, the rubber like part that comes directly into contact with the iPad felt less “squishy” than the Pogo Sketch.

The writing barrel is about the thickness of a pencil and feels better than the skinnier Pogo Sketch.

Targus describes their product as follows: “The Targus Stylus for Apple iPad makes it easy to take notes, draw or simply turn a page. The stylus features a durable rubber tip that won’t scratch the iPad’s surface and allows the user to type accurately and comfortably. The stylus engages directly with your electronic, touch-screen device, requires no power or software to operate and instantly works right out of the box.”

I find that the thicker barrel and firmer rubber tip feels better to write notes on my iPad.  Also, because of its thicker size (more like pencils and pens I have been using to write with) it is easier to use and keeps my hand and fingers from feeling like they are holding on to a metal Q-tip with a squishy tip.  That is not meant as any disrespect to the Pogo Sketch – It’s just the only way I can describe it.

The Targus product costs about the same as the Pogo Sketch.  I encourage you to try them both out and see which one feels better in your hand.


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