Notability Updated – Multiple iOS Devices Supported

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Notability version 5.0 is a note-taking app for iPads and now will work with all iOS devices including iPhones (3Gs and later) and iPod Touch (4th Generation and later).

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You can sketch ideas, mark up documents and contracts, complete worksheets, keep a journal, make travel notes, teach a class, make a presentation and more. Now, with iCloud support, your notes can stay up to date on  your iOS devices.

The developer explains how to use the feature as follows:

“iCloud allows your notes to stay up to date on multiple iOS devices. For example, changes made in Notability on your iPad will automatically update on your iPhone and vice versa.

To turn iCloud on or off, start by tapping the gear icon in the lower left of the library screen in Notability to open settings. Select Online Storage on the left.  You will see a switch for iCloud. When you turn iCloud on, you will receive a message that your notes are now being stored in iCloud. Tap ok. Once iCloud is on, your notes will update on all other devices with Notability that also have iCloud on. In order for iCloud to work between devices, you need to make sure that each device has iCloud turned on. To turn iCloud off, simply toggle the switch to off.”

iPad Screenshot 3

Some of the new features of version 5.0 include the ability to scale and rotate handwriting using the scissor tool.

iPad Screenshot 5

Use this app to keep up with various assignments and tasks needed for school including completing homework, taking notes and organizing information. In your business, you can organize various pdfs in files, mark them up and share them.

Learn more about the app from the developer’s home page.

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