Procreate Update

Procreate Icon 3.0.2

Procreate, a powerful sketching, painting and illustration app for iOS devices, has been updated. This app is compatible with the latest iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Procreate Screen Shot Sketch

You can use Procreate to create multiple layers, brushes, pencils, and more to sketch out a quick idea or create a masterpiece.

There are smudge tools and many neat features like the ability to draw a line by sketching and keeping your pencil held down. In a moment, your squiggly line will turn into a straight line that you can drag into position.

Procreate Illustration

New fixes and features in Procreate 3.02. include:

– New improvements for Apple Pencil which make the start of a stroke extremely responsive.
– Fixed Tilt values that were too large for some brushes, although all tilt sizes are beautiful.
– Fixed occasional blobs at the beginning of Apple Pencil strokes.
– There is now a Softness setting for each brush. Additional softening gives better results on glazed brushes.
– There are significant improvements to stroke taper. Now we want to stroke a tapir. Have you seen those things? So cute.
– 6B Compressed and Wood brushes have correct sidebar defaults.
– If you reset a brush it also resets the brush preview.
– Once you went into a Gallery group in Compact mode you could never, ever leave. The Back button is now more than just a tease.
– We fixed issues with rotations on Eyedropper, pinching/zooming, and Instant Replay.
– Your FiftyThree Pencil, Pogo Connect and Jot Touch 4 stylii are stylin’ once more.
– We have resolved issues sometimes experienced when purchasing Early Access. Probably.
– Renaming a layer no longer sometimes makes the layer interface vanish.


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