OmniFocus 2 – Updated

OmniFocus 2 for iPad icon

OmniFocus 2 is an incredible task manager for your iOS devices. This universal iOS app with Apple Watch support, provides a flexible system for getting your ideas, projects and tasks entered, organized and checked off.

OmniFocus Collage

The latest update provides the following improvements:

• Pasteboard Format — OmniFocus now uses TaskPaper text as a pasteboard format (on iOS only, for now), which means much more metadata is available to other applications when copying and pasting. For an example, copy a repeating action that has a project and context assigned and paste into Mail or Notes.
• omnifocus:///add? URLs — Many more parameters are available for /add urls. For more information, check out the draft documentation thread on discourse.
• x-callback URLs — We now support x-callback URLS for /add, /paste, and navigation URLs like /inbox. We also support x-cancel and x-success.
• Dates and Times — Updated the parser used when processing /add URLs to be more flexible.
• Crash — Fixed a crash when trying to delete the No Context row, which is no longer possible.

If you are looking for a trusted system to enter, organize and monitor your tasks, OmniFocus 2 is a great app to look at and use.


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