2Do Update – Now Free Download

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2Do, an iOS productivity app has been updated. This app also works with your Apple watch so you can access your lists and tasks from your wrist. You can even add new ones with voice dictation. You can learn more about working with your Apple Watch and 2do from this page.

2Do Create Tasks

This award winning app is a great way to organize your tasks and keep your projects moving towards completion.

According to the developer:

  • 2Do is now FREE to download and use / try. Your existing purchases have not gone to waste – please carry on reading, you get upgraded to Pro automatically. After a 14-day trial for sync, backups and alerts, users can optionally go “Pro” with a one-off in-app purchase. All other features of the app are fully usable.No adverts, no subscriptions and no spam. The only desktop class task manager that keeps giving more. To learn more about this change, please visit: 2doapp.com/blog

    IMPORTANT: Users that have already purchased a copy of 2Do will get upgraded to “Pro” automatically. To redeem your free upgrade, simply open 2Do > Settings > Upgrade to Pro and tap Restore.

    * New and improved notification handling in iOS 10
    * Today widget updated to support iOS 10. Widget is backward compatible with iOS 8 and sports a new compact look, all while retaining the much-loved usability.
    * Performance improvements in loading data and overall responsiveness

    Patch update:
    * Fixed a bug where completed tasks display setting would not be honored
    * Fixed a bug where attaching voice notes on iOS 10 would cause the app to crash
    * Fixed a bug where the app won’t automatically recognize Pro status of users who purchased the app around the 3rd of November (+/- 12 hours)

The below video, although over a year old, gives you an idea of using the app on your Mac and iOS device.


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