Typed for Mac Released


Typed icon

A new typing app for the Mac has been released. Typed is “a distraction free, zen based writing experience.” Put simply, less is more when it comes to focusing on your writing. When you want to get an idea, thought or part of a paper written without being distracted with formatting, colors or tons of font choices, Typed can help you.

Typed Focus

Typed uses Markdown, used for writing and creating information for the web, to structure your documents. You don’t need to know Markdown to use the app. However, if you blog or create other information for the web, this app can be used to create the post.

Zen Preferences

Another unique feature is the ability to choose white noise background noise including wind, rain, and more. These choices are available in the Preferences menu. Click on the image of the kind of background sound you want and you will hear it.

Features identified include:

  • Minimal UI
  • Stunning typography – Typed features a selection of great typefaces, including the app’s signature style that clearly differentiates headers from regular text.
  • Responsive layout – Typed scales the size of text to fit your window size.
  • Zen Mode – Cut the distractions, and focus on the words.
  • Six beautiful audio tracks to help you stay focused
  • Live character and word count
  • HTML Preview
  • Auto Save support
  • Full Screen Support
  • HTML, RTF and PDF (via print) Export
  • Intelligent cursor placement when adding links and formatting content
  • Full complement of keyboard shortcuts

If you are considering a minimalist writing app to use to focus on creating content or blog, try Typed. This distraction free app will help you get your ideas down without being distracted by all of the options available to format a document. Currently, the introductory price is $19.99.


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