iThoughts Mind Map Update

iThoughts (mind map) icon

iThoughts (mindmap) app for the iPad is a great tool for organizing and creating mind maps for a variety of uses. Instead of outlining in a linear up and down fashion, you can create a document that helps give you a bigger picture with all of your ideas available on 1 page instead of buried in lists and word processor pages.

iThoughts screenshot

The version 3.7 update includes the following:

New Features:
• Configurable link line thickness
• Multiple layouts in a single map
• Summary relationships (many to one)
• Angled relationship lines
• Straight relationship lines
• New Import Options
• Scapple

• Improved random topic sorting
• Improved topdown layout
• Select All when filter applied selects only those topics
• Snap to topic when dragging floating topics around
• Improved ordering or linked maps when exporting as PDF
• Select multiple relationships (using SHIFT button)
• Align centre (horizontal/vertical) option
• Nudge manually positioned topics using on screen arrow keys (and SHIFT button)
• Long press (or force touch) a topic to select all related topics (great for dragging groups of related floating topics.)
• New shortcuts
• SHIFT+double tap a topic to create a relationship with the current selection
• SHIFT+double tap the canvas to create a new floating topic related to the current selection

• Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



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