Ulysses – New Update!


If you are a fan of simple yet powerful text input software, the latest update for Ulysses will make you want to jump for joy! The update is free for existing customers, just look for the update in the app store.

The new iOS universal app will work on the iPad Pro as well as the iPhone. You can sync between the two devices and your Mac via iCloud. This allows you to work on an idea on your Mac, leave the house with your iOS device and then continue your thoughts. This is a powerful way to always be able to work on your writing.

Ulysses Synchronization

This text editor allows you to get your ideas down, organize and export them in a variety of formats. The environment can even be changed from light to dark mode depending on your preference.

The update for the iPad pro now allows for split screen use. Now, you can look at a document or the web on half the screen and type on the other half.

Ulysses Split Screen iPad Pro

If you already own the iOS version and want it on your iPhone, go to the app store on your iPhone and search for Ulysses Mobile. You should see the cloud icon with a down arrow indicating you can download it. There is an introductory price of $19.99 instead of the usual $24.99.

The features for the iOS version of Ulysses are as follows:

iPad & iPhone
– Ulysses runs on all devices, be it iPhone 4s, 6 Plus, iPad Mini or iPad Pro

Focus & Productivity
– Clean, distraction free interface
– Easy swipe navigation
– Markup-based text editor
– Light and dark writing modes
– A wide choice of color palettes
– Writing Goals (characters, words, pages etc.)
– Comprehensive text statistics
– Split View, Slide Over and 3D Touch on supported devices

Write & Edit
– Simple markup for headlines, lists, comments, quotes, important passages and more
– Easy insertion of links, annotations and footnotes
– Shortcut buttons for comfortable editing
– Option to attach keywords, notes and images
– Search & Replace
– Glueing, Split & Merge
– Spell check, auto correction, dictionary, dictation
– Smart Lists
– Optimized for use with external keyboards

File & Organize
– A single library for all texts
– Groups, intelligent filters, favorites, bookmarks
– Sorting by date, by title or manually
– Automatic, scheduled backup of your text library
– Import of DOCX, Markdown and text files
– Editing of external text files
– Spotlight integration
– Built-in Share Extension

Export & Processing
– Export as PDF, DOCX, TXT, Markdown, HTML and ePub
– Publish Story Drafts to Medium
– Live preview, send as email
– Pre-selected styles for export
– Download more styles from the Ulysses Style Exchange
– Share files via Dropbox

OS X & iOS
– Available for Mac, iPad and iPhone
– Full iCloud synchronization

The update is well worth the quick download. Try it out. You can learn more about the Mac version and the software from the homepage of Ulysses.


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