TrialPad for iPad 4.0 Released – Initial Sale Price

New iOS7 TrialPad Logo

TrialPad for iPad has released a new version of its app. This is not a free upgrade to prior versions but rather a brand new version.

TrialPad is a full-featured courtroom presentation tool on your iPad.

TrialPad Screen shot1

TrialPad makes it remarkably easy to do such things as callout sections of documents, highlight text, create side-by-side document comparisons, edit and show video clips, add exhibit stickers to documents, search document text, and much more.

TrialPad Screen 2 exhibit

The app has a new feel and look. It is easier to move, sort and rename documents and files.

A feature that is nice is the ability to pre-annotate and organize evidence into witness or issue folders. You can add “exhibit stickers” and mark documents as admitted to keep up your own list.

As to exhibits and items that have been loaded into the app, create highlights and annotations on-the-fly, zoom in on important areas, create multiple callouts on-the-fly, or compare two documents side-by-side.

Easily import multiple files at once, keeping your file and folder structure intact, via Dropbox, Box, WebDAV, or directly connected to your computer using iTunes.

Also import documents from email, Photos app, or from other iPad apps. Then simply plug-and-play to present at mediation or trial via VGA, HDMI, or wirelessly using Apple TV!

To learn more about the product, you can watch videos from here.

The new release is on sale. The sale price of $49.99 will be effective March 26, 27, 28. After that it will be going back to its normal price of $89.99.


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