iOS 5 features Demonstrated in PaperDesk Demo

Keyboard Split PaperDesk Demo

PaperDesk has a demo movie to show off its latest update. Interestingly, the iPad2 in the movie appears to be running iOS5. A couple of features that may be in iOS5 are shown and specifically referenced.

The above screenshot is 5:25 into the 8:20 minute demo movie. The keyboard split feature and moveable keyboard are demonstrated and mentioned. It is believed that this feature is an iOS5 feature, not simply a PaperDesk feature.  The keyboard is put back together at 5:40 into the demo.

PaperDesk Demo 5:40

Another feature referenced is the dictionary lookup feature. At 4:54 into the demo, the announcer specifically mentions iOS5 and states: “…and in iOS 5, finding definitions for words takes just a few seconds.” The dictionary look up feature is demonstrated.

The premature demonstration of features may not matter as iOS5 is expected to be released in about 3 days. It is unusual for a developer to show features prior to the official release of the iOS.

If you have been looking for a note taking app and want to buy PaperDesk on sale for 99¢ US (regularly $2.99) or just want to watch the iOS5 features, you should check out this app and the demo movie.


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